We are All Customers

But: hey never say the word “Medium” (free story)

My preference, my plan, or my way of living

~involves criticism.

I like to “explain” stuff. I have critical tendencies. In addition to being a critical type, I also know myself as a person situated in the society of the stupid but that is FINE. Well, that’s fine: There will be a big market for the product. Because I offer a smart product — so all you persons will want it, and it will be there for all the persons who are stupid. Here is your product offer, stupid people. So many of you do need my product: O My wisdom. And as the only one in my class, and as a true original I am sure that the whole earth (population) is being my customers. Repeat that beautiful clause/sentence you just read a few times. It’s correct, buddy.

So let us recap. The world is stupid but I have a smart quality. And that indicates a really good market for me. I am the one who explains or who gives explanations, and I have a smart quality or, better put, my products have that quality. It is they that are smart. I have products and I embody -or may I say “reflect” -this high and scintillating mental rumination/contemplation. There is a lot of customers — and only one of me.

But you must convert it. The rumination converted into a “Garamond” font is liberative. And now this damn machine is telling me that “liberative” is not a word.

C’mon, guys. Pay me. One f*cking nickel! Oh, good.

In my work, I take a look at a particular American intellectual formulation, a view that says capitalism is “private,” as if there were no public/social aspects