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Everything I write must be true. I need to maintain extraordinary discipline. The hammer of judgement will fall on me if I write a single untrue thing.

And yet, everything in the universe is untrue; the whole display is false.

Compare it to a shimmering illusion, if you like. Western societies maintain themselves on the pretense of truth. The modern West is peculiar in this. As for the other cultures, they’ve got these myths, you see, wherein there be fairies, goblins, ogres, talking frogs, more.

There is no hammer of judgement falling on anybody. They do not totally believe in their own stories. But that is “science” or “truth” for them. It is myth. We call our myths “science.”

The Western world has, since 1550, been expanding. And all the more so, since 1600. The Western scholar is hungry for knowledge and thinks the knowledge he has attained is true. Science is like a straightjacket that Western persons tie themselves up in.

And they try to get comfortable in that.

second one

You have a certain group of friends, say. And among these friends a certain sort of lore circulates. That needs to be kept alive.

You and your friends maintain this body of knowledge. When you and the friends get together, you review the basic principles. But you never stray far from the basic body of knowledge. And that way the group of friends is maintained — and the body of knowledge is maintained.

There is however more knowledge there, in the universe. You could be going after it. One can never get to the bottom of everything. That is not going to happen. You could start on a new subject every day. There are always speculations you can make. You would just need to have the curiosity. You might have it — but that does not ensure you get “real” answers.

If you did that (started new stories and speculations every day about all the questions in the universe) it would not get you anywhere. It would be boring. What good would it do? There are infinite subjects. There are infinite territories within each subject. What would the result be?

You will find that you are totally lost.

One would never know where one was.

I have “enough” time (and “space” ~somehow! ~rainbow space!) to let my mind wander. But there is no tangible accomplishment that I -or anybody else -would get from this sort of~

Thought Activity

I am not saying it is bad to just speculate. It may be good in some sense. You may get some sort of odd result, even considering what I say above about the uselessness of it. So, you can do it, if you like. Fine.

But, you won’t get a body of friends, you won’t get read, and you won’t maintain a particular body of knowledge.

But — happy daydreams



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