Tube Hypnosis

These T.V. sets are great! (Jack):

From the T.V., we get the impression of one kind of world. T.V. families are produced through the creative imagination of those in T.V. Land. The “Brady Bunch” is based on real life, but not exactly. There were all kinds of television families. Many of us live lives that are like — but not exactly — the various television families. One family had a kid named “Beaver,” while two other families had enormously attractive girls (see note). It was something like the ideal way to live - but on television. And before that there was Norman Rockwell. He just made paintings.

The implicit message of these art forms resonates: this is how you are supposed to be.

The child actors who played the ideal American kids had it down cold. Each one was just being herself. Each child actor was genuinely who they were right down to the pores of their skin and perfect hairs on eyebrows.

or you, the perfect T.V. show!

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(note): “Doris,” or “Donna.”



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Jack Silverman

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