Ideas of Revolutions

some persons get ideas of revolutions, so why not admire that? They are willing to put it all on the line. They refuse to be subject. So, it’s kind of inspiring. They do not, however, see quite everything. There is more. And these are things they do not see.

They want all certainly. They want all goodness, all justice, and for all to be “liberated.” It is okay to want to live better but they only see part of it. They only see part of what the mind is able to do. Because this is the case, they will not see the end of it. Something remains to be said here. Something remains to be done here, even…



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Jack Silverman

I am the one who is real. I had an original idea, a real idea. It is in the area of International trade. Ideas in Economics or ‘Social Economics’. Why? Read on!