Some Free Pieces

I wanted the shade. I stepped into the entranceway of a building’s parking garage. It was about four or five stories (the building), located in between neighborhoods, neither there nor here.

There are buildings where one may see with one’s own eyes how the global wealth elite stand, walk, gesture, or operate their motorcars.

This is what you call “neo-liberal capital.” This represents four or five per cent of the total population. They consume — trade — the bulk of the “capital” that got built up or the total amount of goods traded valued in dollars. Trading this capital around is like a sport to them. They seem to find it enjoyable, which is how art values get built up. The basic purpose for them is they make sure that no one else gets the money and that the built-up capital stays in the cycle of “inequality.” New extremes of unbalanced distribution have recently been observed.

Those who bet on a lifeless and distant world or the future have now received their COVID pay-out. I am standing inside the entrance of the parking garage, for the neo-liberal building, and this is the only way I know of, offhand, where you could see these people who consume the bulk of the excess funding.

Even if they were only 4 per cent of the total human population that still implies huge cities, filled w/ people. I think there are more than 20,000,000 rich persons in the world today — hundreds of thousands in Miami, New York, L. A., or Chicago.

Their job is to trade with this money — and try not to let it out of their own hands. It must not go to, say Africa for example. Or not to the 99% poor of Africa, of course. If proof is needed you may note, how resolute Trump was on that Wall of his. I see some support there, for this theory of mine.

No one who got involved in trade wanted to see money go to poor countries.

All they care about is their own profit.


They tried for maximum leverage in D. C. The right-wing party of course wanted maximum advantage. He worked with the strong backing of several conservative multi-millionaires. These persons would always appear to develop their intellectual systems, theories, arguments, and so on. The profits poured in from their corporations at a steady rate. They had time on their hands, and so they entertain the bright world of (conservative) ideas.


In the mornings I usually like to write down some of my ideas about life. I cannot get an ID. I do not like the government. The s.s.a. office stole the ID, I think so! But I refuse to file a complaint. The government has power and it is difficult to oppose them. On paper, life is one thing. The reality of life is something else again. The two need to be much better aligned, don’t they? Kafka understood these kinds of things.

I am very impressed with my own writing and I think it’s something great and unique and special and perfect. I elevate it and I award it perfection Just as there are Puerto Ricans proud of their conga playing there are Jews proud of their writing.



I do economic-oriented stuff. Also human humor. I have an actual economic theory. Original work in the area of International trade. ~ the ‘Social’ part of life

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Jack Silverman

I do economic-oriented stuff. Also human humor. I have an actual economic theory. Original work in the area of International trade. ~ the ‘Social’ part of life