Ideas that spring from mind

Just because you have ideas, it is not necessary to

“write it down.”

If a person gets an idea I am willing to presume it made sense.

A person gets an idea and therefore it made sense. Every idea should make sense. Once in a while one is wrong. Ha ha! That is a bit humorous: merely the exception — but humanizing and humorous. (This encompasses the first 50,000 years of hominin history. Now we discuss the modern era.)

— Nothing of the sort happens with the great scholars. Their job is to be a big shot. So, these are the big shot scholars who think they are important.

The “big ideas” are true of one society in particular, that is to say ours of course. It is capitalistic, democratic, and scientific. Here great status holders go to the great knowledge-holders. To snatch their ideas.

In that same process, we forfeit the sense of humor and send those qualities to that famous “dustbin.” Of histo-

RY. Now, this person who writes and who is intellectual always needs to sound like she or he knows what s/ or he is talking about. It is not enough to have an idea, because no one respects the fact that you had an idea. But their idea is that you need to prove something to somebody. The eventual result, the upshot or the result of the antipathy towards the positive in humans —which is to say the spontaneity — is that the immediacy of the idea is threatened.

There is an insistence on writing things down and “proving” or vetting them with the experts. It is these experts who judge and have the power. The tendency in the end will surely be that they reject the type of ideas that just come naturally, or those that come fluidly. Ideas come naturally to the mind.

(Payment for “stories” is no improvement, b.t.w.)



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Jack S

Jack S

I had an original idea international trade that fits into the scheme of Ideas in Economics. Now you get an ‘Economics’ not totally private. Huh? Read, fool!