the ‘Medium’ company (no pay here)

I saw this one girl. “She’s gonna give me sex.” I just knew. I ‘Followed’ immediately. Now I am waiting for the sex.

She said: “big things are coming here soon,” which is good enough. This is one way to get followed and red, girls.

Yeah! Blush!!!!

The things is, I am collecting good strategies that really work. If I have even a word to say about my private activities with this icon/prompt lady whose pic I saw and whose name I forgot that is only because of this research I am doing. And the research is that I am looking into which strategies really do “work” in the vision of the board of directors and company and shareholders.

And whichever Turkey of a VC initially brokered it

This is the company “The Turkey and Ev” created and this girl is going to give me real sex. Their motto is: create a vital and throbbing money venture in which income is roughly 10 million per month and expenses any point below it. If they have two million persons paying $5 a month — that’s heaven to them. One would suppose.

I would suppose so

So, Ev is very successful. May he have a nice time on his yacht. The only one who did it better was Hef. Did ya have a nice ride, Sir? So in this whole “Medium” adventure one person got his jollies. And why was that? He had more “merit,” that’s why. Ev is just a better person than the rest of us. We all know what you are doing, Ev. Here’s a nice “howdy” from “The Haven”!


I’m on your platform, guy! And that’s the way you wanted it. You wanted to open your doors to all of me — my kind and all kinds others. Even a few well-known writers, like Roxane Gay. Where’d she go, b.t.w? But, I mean: People in general. That’s YOUR specialty You loved us all. You just a wonderful guy, you wonderful entrepreneur! And what did you get for it?

“Ah, a few of life’s silly jollies. That is ALL! But, you know — ? ~there is one thing.

I found it fascinating how I could just tell that load of ‘writers’ what to do~



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Jack Silverman

I am the one who is real. I had an original idea, a real idea. It is in the area of International trade. Ideas in Economics or ‘Social Economics’. Why? Read on!