Absolutely Boring

some guy who wants to be important but he makes me sick

Dead Zone of the Internet Age

An Actual Person!

People write on “Medium” just to make themselves important. I am being followed now by “knowledge souls.” Many people are asking this question: “how can I be important”?

Gee, fella I don’t know.

However I’d suggest you PLEASE do not do it by just putting things up on the Internet that anybody else could also put up, as long as they have the most unimaginative minds in the world.

But, no. YOU were not quite important enough. So ,there’s a cure for that. Be the only one responsible for some “Medium” area of your own! I know! I’ll call it:

knowldege souls

because, you know…. that sounds good.

Oh, time for the spell check. yes, I know about that too.



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Jack Silverman

I am the one who is real. I had an original idea, a real idea. It is in the area of International trade. Ideas in Economics or ‘Social Economics’. Why? Read on!