When exposed to new phenomena we change. We immediately change, but not necessarily for the better. There is change there. Maybe we like it. But that doesn’t mean it is for the better. Did the change do any good? Is there anything that came? Out from it? Did we need…

All societies have cooperation going on in them


The historical reality of the last 200 years has to do with trade. Britain and the United States are on top here: they grew the most — if it is alright to use the term “growth,” for an economy in an early stage as well as a later one. As…

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-demand in the knowledge (intellectual prop.) model

If Wikipedia has given you $2.75 worth of knowledge this year, take a minute to donate. Thanks to you, Wikipedia will always be an ad-free destination for reliable information.

That is from the folks at Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales.

Economically this is interesting. If I am suggesting something new here, it…

near a variety of apartments


There are some who are good at getting a job and there are some who are poor at getting a job.

As a “vagrant” I’m spending some of my times in a variety of neighborhoods. I spend a lot of my life outside.

I often live near apartment buildings. I mean “live” for like maybe two hours — I don’t pay rent. I just occupy various…

I have, for years, looked at various scholarly books published by respected presses. I found a lot of sheer nonsense, from the university presses (these are books in social science, philosophy, or literary criticism. Also maybe history, but not “hard science”). I was of the opinion that the presses or…

Jack S

In my work, I take a look at a particular American intellectual formulation, a view that says capitalism is “private,” as if there were no public/social aspects

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