This country is a psychopathological environment. True? -or False?

Nobody helps nobody.

One of the indisputable things is that we have got a lot of technology.

Everybody needs to find a little hope somewhere. The Romans had aqueducts but we have got COLOR T. V.

How many people are “keepin’ it real”? We’ve got to.

Despite living in a psychopathological environment, we’ve got tech. So

put on your ear buds and hide. And don’t be a spoil sport, or listen to acoustic guitar music or something.

The modern psychopath listens to electronic music!

. . .

Everybody needs to…


Seeking to be NOTHING!

(Fareed on CNN: 04/ 04/21; Guests: J. Meacham & Niall Ferguson)

According to these people there are some kind of issues. I have seen this all my life. I only need to look at the T.V. screen for two seconds — 2 get an idea.

The idea here is that of issues. This means there is something that is not resolved. As soon as we turn the television on, we see it. That not everything is well — there ‘r’ issues here in this fine nation. So — in the designated space between the advertisements for useless commercial products — there one surely ought to talk about…issues.

Here comes the man…

WEEE.................nice ride, "Nobody"!

+does doing good for oneself involve doing good for others?

The writer, Was. Irv., wrote a book, or a long story, about the man who didn’t know where he was after he woke up after being a leaf for twenty years. And this was in the USA. He goes to sleep and then he wakes up on the Internet. This nation was growing, developing and becoming a new country. Full of individuals. Many entrepreneurs — going for the pot of gole.

Now if you all wants to have a discussion about economics, what you need to ask first is whether indeed there is any relation — any relation at all…

(Explanatory: I write economics, and politics, and poetry. I am a three-genre writer. I understand this is rare.)

The “market” is a whole lotta people. It is to put something up for sale and the idea here is usually that it will be seen by as many other people as possible. All of China, all the USA, etc. This tells us something about the way the capitalistic system exists today. The world is the market. And as for most big companies: they are international.

A sport stadium holds 50,000. Pinochet used a sports stadium. He, too, had to consider a…

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

Ideas that spring from mind

Some people have ideas but don’t

“write it down.”

If a person gets an idea it may be assumed the idea made sense. Why not?

A person gets an idea; it makes sense. Once in a while one is wrong. That is a bit humorous; it is the humanizing, or humorous, exception. (This encompasses at least 50,000 years of hominin histo.)

RY — Nothing of the sort happens with the great big shot scholars who think they are so important.

It is true of one society in particular. Ours: for this is the capitalistic, democratic and scientific — society. …

Jack S

As to thought: I have thought about this. A lot. And anybody who thinks it is easy is wrong. Obviously they are not thing-king. That’s hard.

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