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When exposed to new phenomena we change. We immediately change, but not necessarily for the better. There is change there. Maybe we like it, but that doesn’t mean it is for the better. Did the change do any good? Is there anything — that came from it? Did we need something? Why this change? If we consider that cultures exist for a thousand years there is little need for there anything new. And why would they want to change? In my view there is no inherent reason there. No reason. That is all I have to say. None. …


Noam Chomsky courtesy Wikimedia Commons

America is great, all right, but how are we going to hang onto it? There are extremists everywhere, and this is a problem.

Now I think Noam Chomsky is a great guy. He can be easily put in the category of “extreme left,” but he is a decent fellow, as well.

He was for many years on the top level, as far as college professors go. That is some pretty tough company. He was in linguistics. The man has been an eloquent and essential critic of America’s foreign policy. But how many sincere leftists like Chomsky are left?

(Maybe he…

in “critical race theory”

“senior fellow and director of the initiative on critical race theory” -Manhattan Institute

Reading in The New Yorker about how Christopher Rufo got the anti-CRT campaign up and running. First, he received a video of a Seattle “anti-bias training session” done by city government.

This illustrates how one ideology can be turned against the other. The problem with ideology is that somebody else can always create another one and then use it against you. When I read in the New Yorker the information about who Christopher Rufo was and what he was doing I saw a doubling effect of the ideology. I saw an ideologist taking an interest in somebody’s else’s ideology. I…

Rules for writing “New York Times” articles

wow, here’s a book that might link to my story

The rules are in italics, okay? Sarcastic voice is parenthetical.

“You’re going to want to start with an irrelevant point”

Example: VIRGINIA BEACH - Kenzie Smith is “not big into politics,” she said, and…

“Quote the person directly to make her look common. This provides a welcome contrast to the scintillating style that you, the New York Times writer, uses to speak with. The nation’s main newspaper and the voice of record must be careful to always sound sophisticated. But we, the “Times,” put common-man speech into those little (“”) markies.”

Use a lot of standard phrases, like “as the…

Doing it “on your own” as a self starter in business

Culture and Economics

The current economy is geared towards self-starters in business. Self-starter means they do not tell you; you learn all of it on your own.

So success goes to anyone/those who can figure out… the system!

But which system? A meaningful system? Does it mean to figure out a meaningful system or a meaningless system? Figuring out the system is no big deal if there is no integrity or cultural depth to it. Hence, my question is: “Which system?” What are the self-starters figuring out? Anything important? What they learn or what they secure the knowledge of is…

Story of a scary virus


COVID-19 came into the world in 2019 or, for many of us, 2020. It was in Italy in 2019. It is some kind of unknown bug. Although it came from China, nobody talks about that. But why? Because, after all, China has a lot in common with the United States. We have political priorities; and, so does China. So, it’s like the same thing. They’re a country; we’re a country. There was a lab in China where they were doing GMO-type things. The work was a project to modify the coronavirus. The COVID bug was not there in nature. …

But: hey never say the word “Medium” (free story)

My preference, my plan, or my way of living

~involves criticism.

I like to “explain” stuff. I have critical tendencies. In addition to being a critical type, I also know myself as a person situated in the society of the stupid but that is FINE. Well, that’s fine: There will be a big market for the product. Because I offer a smart product — so all you persons will want it, and it will be there for all the persons who are stupid. Here is your product offer, stupid people. So many of you do need my product: O My…

A reader ‘Replies’ to a “story” of mine

(a reader): Markets are people interacting with one another to meet each individual’s wants and needs. What is wrong with that? As long as people can engage with others in mutually agreeable and beneficial terms, which is the intent of free markets, capitalism won’t fail.

. . .

(Jack): Or even “to meet” society’s “wants and needs” and I have no problem with that; I endorse it. I am an independent economics theorist. There are some original ideas, starting for me in the year 2001. Yes: “people are interacting with one another.” Yet, standard economic theory is wrong because…

Earth — or Lurch

An earth scape — via electronics

A couple of essays for y’ all


Pieces (articles) are termed “stories” for some reason. How and where does a person publish on “Medium”? Your piece exists in a huge pile of tens of thousands of pieces and the writer (except for any writer who has a fixed, regular following and is satisfied with it) competes. She tries to be seen amongst all the pieces on “Medium.”

That sounds, at fist glance, like a market or economic sort of situation, doesn’t it? That is the economic model. It accords with the general idea of a market society, or a…

Jack S

In my work, I take a look at a particular American intellectual formulation, a view that says capitalism is “private,” as if there were no public/social aspects

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