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When exposed to new phenomena we change. We immediately change, but not necessarily for the better. There is change there. Maybe we like it, but that doesn’t mean it is for the better. Did the change do any good? Is there anything — that came from it? Did we need…

by Goofus von Jacob

American Culture — as it is

This is the theme: US/America gives us freedom. Well, my goodness, that is impressive! If you have freedom automatically, it is very impressive that it comes just like that. As an endowment — this reminds a guy like me (Jewish) of what Christians always…

&who needs to be locked up?

Grim Monolith — Part prison, part home

There’s this huge monolith. It possesses power. It is immovable. Ah. Here one comes to a locked door, and one cannot, may not go in.

S. O. C. I. E. T. Y.

Can’t touch these people. A soldier cannot fight the Army. Oh, no. Curious, that he is encouraged to…

(this is all about language and how we use it in life)

About the stock market???? https://www.

Do not talk about language: Use it! What if I said, for instance:

“I support the people’s revolution.”

Why does this have a “ring” to it for me? Basically, I like it because it connects to my past. It invokes sweet memory. I have heard this sort of language already…

Well,love was, for Elton

Could capitalism fall and society fall apart at the damn seams?

Ours is a system, in which are employed thousands of “accountants,” and I am not sure just who I mean to be accounting for by mentioning these persons. In my mind, I am allowing these people to exist and they have a particular job designation. So let us admit that…


Everything I write must be true. I need to maintain extraordinary discipline. The hammer of judgement will fall on me if I write a single untrue thing.

And yet, everything in the universe is untrue; the whole display is false.

Compare it to a shimmering illusion, if you like. Western…

What sort of life makes sense?

A person who spends his life just running after money at some point might question what he is doing. Pretty soon your life is over; and, this is the way you spent it?

Yet, some have a different way of thinking. While some of us question, others choose to point…

The uselessness of life in our decaying society…

Sleep is a great mystery that rears its head up within the black tomb of life.

Sleep is a great mystery. We go to sleep and we wake up. Why don’t we just die? Scientists have not figured this out. But unlike sleep, the waking state is a known entity…

Jack S

In my work, I take a look at a particular American intellectual formulation, a view that says capitalism is “private,” as if there were no public/social aspects

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